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All original unisex fragrances.

Packaged in a Boris' Award Winning

collectible bottle.


Boris of Hollywood is back....after 20 years. He has had a lot of success with a small company in Hollywood, with a big following. All fragrances are original and are NOT in stores. Be unique...and smell like a STAR.



Award Winner collector bottle. A unisex fragrance that is light and subtle, a superior grade of cologne with a high fragrance oil content. The lasting quality will surprise you with a lot of..."What are you wearing? It smells so nice." or "Where can I buy that and what is it called..PLEASE". I have letters from all over, from Milan, Italy to Frankfurt, Germany and all by word of mouth. Well known Hollywood Stars of both STAGE and SCREEN including many Rock groups. ALL by word of mouth. I have never advertised and I never had to. I always kept my prices low and still do and that is due to a small overhead, thanks to the Internet.


The following 7 colognes come in a .33 oz roll-on Art Deco style bottle and Boris is one of the first companies to ever have this bottle and also even before the Biggies. If you buy all 7, you will receive an original DESIGNER PERFUME TRAY to display them in FREE . Smell like a Million for only $9.

 1. MUSK- light and clean (special)  2.LUNA - Delicate, light (a tailgater)
 3.RAINDROPS - exotic, sensual (night-owl)  4.GREENGRASS - floral, warm (kissey)
 5.VANILLENE - vanilla, spice (masterpiece)  6.MYSTICAL - dark, sultry (mysterious)
 7.POTPOURRI - spicy, warm (syndrome)







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 Special Note Please Read


Due to the high volume of requests for our free sample (20,000+) it is now discontinued.


HOWEVER if you go to our order page you can order a COMPLETE sampler set.







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